Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lemon Chiffon Flowers

 Our meadow is now alive with clumps of daffodils and jonquils. I step carefully as I tread through the deep grass. It is a bit startling, as though the sun is shining beneath my feet. Each year these yellow beauties multiple ... a bulb or two becomes a dozen. Why the squirrels leave these alone I don't know. They must not taste as nice as they look.

 The flowers were mere buds on March 19, just three days ago. Then, on the 20th they began to open. Yesterday the majority were in full bloom. Today it is a veritable explosion of yellow.

 Clumps of these solid yellow daffodils are most prominent. But look in the background of this shot and you'll see the beautiful white jonquils, too.

 And here they are in a bugs-eye view. I placed the camera beneath them, nearly on the ground, folded out my LCD viewfinder and composed the shot. The bare trees stand overhead ... the partly cloudy sky threatens a spring shower ... another year silently unfolds.

 I cut two of the flowers - one yellow, one white - and added a few lanceolate leaves to a cut crystal vase and placed it on the windowsill. Such an intricate structure ... delicate, with a multitude of tiny folds and complicated structures. It is spring and our earliest heralds are these wonderful bulbs.
 I wonder how they work underground for fifty weeks of the year. Their time is short but they make the most of it. There is no mistaking their season.