Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The fungus among us ...

 The morels are beautiful just now. They're late as can be but it seems it was worth the wait. I stepped into the woods and began finding them right away. The one pictured above is a little darker than most.

 You might think I've posted this picture on its side. But no, the mushroom is growing at an odd angle. Look at that beautiful convoluted spongy cap! I love these light-colored ones the best. The color reminds me of a pale ale.

 This one is very tall and stands proudly above last fall's leaves. The warm temperatures (it's only dropped to 60° the past two nights) and the over-abundant rain has produced a pretty crop of mushrooms. I've certainly found more in the past, but none larger, none more nicely formed.

 This one will be going into the skillet in the morning. I'll give it a good bath of cold, running water ... dry it off and then dice it and drop it into a scrambled egg. That's how I like them best. If I had enough, I'd eat my full of them alone. But when the numbers are low, an egg offers a good filler.
 I lifted this one to my nose and it has that wonderful Earthy scent that only mushrooms possess. It's damp. musty, even musky. It is the Earth's most primal bloom.