Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bluebird ... uh, huh

 We are always pleased when we see the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) about our property. Several weeks ago (May 26, in fact) we woke in the morning after a terrific nighttime storm to find the pole with the barn-lot light lying down and preventing our exit from the garage. Bob stopped by and helped me slowly lower the pole to the ground (using a step ladder as a support) and move it from in front of the door.

 Notice our wisteria, finally preparing to bloom for the first time. We had to cut it off and let it sprout anew from the ground. Notice also, about a third of the way up the pole, a bluebird box. I removed it and later I attached it to a pine tree directly across from our kitchen window.
 It wasn't an hour later that we saw a bluebird investigating the house.

 Here she is having an initial look. I found fresh nesting material inside when I moved the box and cleaned it out before attaching it to this tree. Perhaps this same bird had already moved in?

 I placed the box immediately above an old branch, thinking it would make an attractive perch. I must have thought right!
 Is there a more lovely bird that visits Pinehaven? The blue is a sky blue, as pure and light as the air above. And the breast, a sunset apricot fading to dusty white. A jay has nothing on this tiny bird; its purple-blue is almost boring by comparison.
 So we're hoping for a family. Life springs anew even as we mourn my beloved father.

 Enjoy Paul McCarney's Bluebird ...