Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Towering Cumulus at Sunset

 For here, at least, none of the predicted storms materialized. But some came tantalizingly close, just as evening descended.
 I happened to go outside at about 9 p.m. because I noticed, out the front window, some of the cumulus were taking on a strange pink/orange glow and thought I'd better have a look at what was going on. Overhead the sky was a beautiful blue, calm and serene.

 This shot was taken facing ESE. As I walked outside, the TV was reporting that a tornado warning had been issued for Clinton County. I would suspect it was this storm that prompted the warning. I was looking at it from the west as it receded from our area and it was lit by the setting sun.
 The colors were startling. There in the baby blue sky was this mushroom, capped in ruddy hues and commanding my attention. I heard no thunder, saw no lightning.

 If I walked into the backyard and shot more in a southerly direction (actually SE), other clouds were similarly lit and the effect was as beautiful as it was terrible for those living in Clinton County. The sky seemed on fire.

 Another generally SE view, though moving more easterly. You can see the top edge of the storm which is in the first picture I posted here. We received not a drop from this storm. It either passed south of us, else formed to our east.

 To our west, the sun now set, and contrails fired in the late light. There would be no more storms here this night.