Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Day at the Fair

 I haven't been to the Montgomery County Fair since I was a kid ... probably about 1955. My memory of that last trip was when I went hand-in-hand with my grandmother to see Clayton Moore, "The Lone Ranger". He was currently starring in a TV show (it ran from 1949 to 1957). I can still remember finding a seat in the grandstand and Moore riding out on his horse to thunderous applause. He gave each of the children a silver "bullet" (plastic, of course) and it was a highlight of my young life.
 I went again on Wednesday (08/31) for the opening day of the fair, this time with a friend and found the fair not quite what it was 56 years ago. There are fewer families in agriculture and I'm sure that accounts for most of the loss.
 A highlight was the cost: $1. Normally it is $5 but they offered a first-day special.
 Jerry and I walked around the fairgrounds for a couple of hours, smiling at 4-H kids who had animals on display and talking with the men who manned the food booths. The amusement rides didn't open until 4 p.m., the hour we left.

 This chicken was one of many on display. Some had impressive pompadours and strutted about as though they knew they were special. This poor chicken wasn't, I suppose, as she made no display of superiority. That's why I was attracted to her, I suppose.
 There were plenty of sheep, goats, rabbits, horses, cows and other livestock.

 This mama pig impressed me with her dozen piglets. We arrived just at lunchtime and enjoyed this gustatory spectacle. The whole scene go me thinking: how many teats does a pig have? I know Ginger, our beloved schnauzer had seven and a half. How is that? One was cut partly off when she was spayed. Every time we rubbed her belly we reminded her that she had just "seven and a half teats" and she seemed to smile at us and say, "I know".
 A pig, by the way, can have anywhere from 10 to 14. So it appears this group of piglets each had an available spigot.

Here's a few more shots from the fair: