Monday, September 12, 2011

Wandering Wheels Fall Breakaway Trip

 My brother, Bob, is currently on the Wandering Wheels Fall Breakaway Trip. Last year, you'll remember, he threaded his way down the east coast of Florida on a bike. This years he's taking it a little easier and enjoying Michigan.

 It's running from 09/09 to 09/16. During the trip, he's again sending pictures from his cell phone and short text messages to tell us where he is. I'll post them here as they come in (so check back; this blog will update whenever new pictures come in).

 When Bob left Germantown (Friday evening, 0909) he met the group in Upland, Indiana. The next morning they traveled by van to their starting point: Holland, Michigan. The picture above is of that first campground.

Here's the Big Red Lighthouse.

 Bob took this picture "along Lake Michigan" on 09/11. Someone has a sense of humor. Is it a mailbox or some other decoration? Bob said they rode 38.5 miles today.

 This is a shot of Lake Michigan from the Muskegon State Park. The "overlook" has 128 steps. 09/12 was a 33 mile day. "Good day, great weather," Bob said.

 This shot (a little blurry) is of the grass-covered dunes on Lake Michigan at Muskegon.

 And  a sunset shot from 09/12.
 09/13: Bob traveled from Muskegon to Hart. Here's his exact text message sent to me a few minutes ago: "Day from HELL  head winds n hills  detour 2 nice lighthous  lost a coupl times n missd lunch wagon but found plac 4 lunch  got ur txt  lookd yummy  nto Hart MI  58 mile day  ugh  poopd"

 This is the White River Light Station at White Hall, Michigan. It's about 25 miles north of Muskegon. They're now even with the Manistee National Forest. Looks like really cool weather ahead ... down into the 30's both Thursday and Friday nights. Maybe frost.

 Here's another shot from today, apparently riding along Lake Michigan.
 On 09/14, Mom and I thought we'd send some encouragement to Bob. This was the photo we sent to his cell phone:

 We didn't hear any more until evening when his wife, Nancy, called. He got the photo but wasn't able to respond. His cell phone got wet while he was taking a shower and quit working! He called on 09/15 and said he used a hair dryer to get the phone as dry as possible and it's working again today.
 I didn't understand one aspect of the trip. I thought it was from Holland to Manistee (one way) but it is from Holland to Hart and back again. Therefore the map at the beginning of this blog has been corrected. Tonight Bob said he's staying in Grand Haven and tomorrow, the last day of the trip, they'll arrive back in Holland.

 Have a look at David Burt's pictures from this trip.