Saturday, October 1, 2011

Septic Cleaning

 Every now and then it needs to be done and there's no denying we've gone long enough. Three years would have been enough but I know it's been longer. The septic system needed pumping out. That's a hazard of living in the country.
 We always use C. Lee's Septic Sewer & Drain [845 S. Clayton Road, New Lebanon, OH 937-687-2388]. His business is located just five miles north of us and you couldn't ask for a nicer guy to do the work. He's responsive, works hard and does a good job.

 The weather is cool (lower 50's) and windy as Lee begins his work at about 6 p.m. He came earlier, I located where the concrete lid is buried, he dug it out and he left, picking up the tanker you see in the background. At least the day was sunny.

 Here the triangular concrete lid lies on the ground, pulled up by one of two heavy metal handles that Lee hooked with the tool he is holding. The lid was buried about 15" below the surface.

 Placing the tube in the septic tank, Lee is preparing the suck the 1500 gallons of sewage into his tanker. It will be disposed of at the Montgomery County site.

 The tanker holds about 2000 gallons and Lee estimated that with the rainwater that infiltrated our system as he pumped, he actually removed about 1600 gallons. In other words, our system was full and certainly needed the cleaning.

 Just about done, the entire operation took about an hour. The actual sewage removal takes less than that, maybe half an hour.

 Suction is measured and displayed here. The gauge reads about 20 psi.

 And there's the last of the sewage. The tank is empty but for a little rainwater. We're done for another few years.
 Here's a short video of the procedure: