Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Daffodils in Bloom

 Here we are, mid-March, and the daffodils in the meadow are in full bloom. I love the clumps of lemon yellow buried among last season's dry weeds. How the squirrels have failed to find these bulbs, I don't know. Maybe daffodils are not one of the spring bulbs they eat?

 Here, then, is the progression of the blooms - backwards in time. They popped above the soil very early this year but they apparently were aware of their mistake and kept themselves closed until almost the normal date. Nature is pretty smart!


 Here the daffodils are in full bloom on Sunday. I have five clumps of these bulbs, planted there many years ago and expanding with each passing season.


 Going back just three days, shows the buds just about to open. Cold nights have retarded their growth for more than a month.


 Back in mid-February, the clumps already had buds. But the plants apparently do a good job of testing the weather and decided it wasn't time to push them open ... not just yet.


 I first saw the daffodils push through the soil in the first few days of February. Already the buds are visible but they'll wait another five weeks before opening. Considering their height here is already several inches, I'd say they were really above ground in the final days of January.
 To say the least, it's a remarkably warm winter and the plants are good evidence of it.

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