Friday, March 16, 2012

Stormy Day

 It's just mid-March but you'd think we were already in June. Our high yesterday was 76° and the day's average temperature (66°) was 28° above normal. It looks like the week ahead will be warmer.

 What's to be expected but storms? Surely we are already in tornado season. Yesterday a Severe Thunderstorm Watch was issued to run until 10 pm but it was cancelled early. At 7:15 pm, it looked as though we were going to get pounded.

 I walked to the back of our property to observe the sky. Tornadoes certainly weren't out of the question. Heavy, ponderous thunder boomed to the southwest and to the north. Brilliant lightning pierced the western sky. This bank of clouds, due west, was actually moving slightly north of east and would skirt by me along US 35 in New Lebanon.

 I noticed as I took these shots that the afterglow of sunset was still visible to the camera. I could not see it - or maybe just not so well - with my naked eye. I suppose the camera is better suited to low light, else the sunset has some infra-red in it which the camera does not fail to record.

 About the time I took this shot, rain began pattering the bare field. They were isolated drops and not enough to get me wet. I was standing there in PJ's and a robe so I decided to head back for the house anyway.

 I took this final shot to the northwest because that's where the most severe part of the storm was heading. The clouds were literally torn apart by high winds but down on the ground, things were calm and warm.

 We got no more than a trace a rain. Other areas received upwards of 3", I've heard. I'd have liked to have my new onion sets and radish seeds watered but I suppose the rain was too light for either to even notice. After this line blew east, the Severe Thunderstorm Watch was cancelled. I was in bed by 9:45 pm and asleep a few minutes later.

 An exciting - and then quiet - end to the day.

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