Friday, April 13, 2012

Burnished Gold

 Every now and then, the common takes our breath away.

 Late in the day yesterday, I happened to go to the back door, just as the sun was shining through the blossoming maple tree. There have been these dangling blooms for days, cascades of golden strings that shimmer in the breeze and confirm that spring is indeed fully here.

 But this view was different than, say, looking out the north window. With the sun behind the cluster of maple blossoms, the gold was burnished and bright, made the more vivid by the backdrop of black shingles on the garage roof.

 Because my vantage placed me in shadow - the overhang of the roof extended horizontally between myself and the sun - only the golden strands were lit, as though a spotlight had been placed there for me alone.

 Could it be photographed? I ran up the steps to my bedroom and pulled the Canon from its bag. I kept the lens in shadow, like my eyes, and shot directly in the direction of the sun, something uncommonly done. The photo does the scene justice.

 Against the striation of the onyx shingles, the cluster seems as living as it is. These are nature's golden bangles, stunning earrings hung from woody lobes. No jeweler could make decoration half so brilliant. This gold is living leaf.

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