Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recent Sunsets

 It was a muted sunset on 04/07. I stood at the back of the property waiting for the sky to fire all red and orange and there wasn't a hint of anything but shades of gray. And yet this suddenly cool weather still produced a beautiful, if muted, sunset.

 I took a number of shots and the sky, from the southwest to northwest exhibited this same quiet dove-gray shades. The chill in the air soon drove me back inside. I would have to wait another day for the sky to ignite.

 And when it did, just after 8 pm on 04/08, it was wondrous sight!

 The trees, probably half a mile distant, were silhouetted against the setting sun. The sky seemed molten gold.

 And when at last the sun was nearly gone, the pines darkened by degrees as the sun's fire was extinguished.  The sky again took on a general gray cast. Only where the sun had set did the sky remain fiery for some more minutes.

 Cold nights ahead. Down to 27° last night (04/11). Blanket and furnace weather again.

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