Friday, February 8, 2013

How crazy is this?

 Who ever heard of spring flowers emerging in February? Let alone the first week of the month? In the Dayton area?
 Last year I had daffodils blooming on March 13. This year they're already above ground on February 7.

 A friend of mine has snow drops blooming in nearby West Carrollton. Another friend in Miamisburg also reports spring bulbs pushing through the cold soil. Though this month has been below normal so far, yesterday topped out at 54°. Something below 40° would be normal. January was 4.2° above normal here at Pinehaven.
 With yesterday's pleasant weather - sunny and calm - I walked a bit at the pond and found it still ice-covered but giving up its winter's ghost.

 As I walked along the shore, the ice looked rotten and made gurgling sounds. It was melting as I strolled nearby. It certainly would not have been safe to walk upon. The surface is mottled with the snow and the blue sky reflected nicely on the surface.

 A wider view shows the pond still frozen but unsafe. The white ice of winter is already the color of water. It may be February, but spring is in the air early.

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