Friday, February 1, 2013

Icing Continues

 Who could imagine that just two days ago we recorded a record high? On January 30 we peaked at 66°, a full 3° above the old record recorded in both 1916 and 1947. It was springtime at Pinehaven.
 This morning is another matter. Dan Miller, less than five miles north of me, recorded a low of 6°. We had 5° here. That's an unusual drop for this area, 61° in 48 hours.
 But with those cold temperatures, ice again formed on a few windows, partly owing to yesterday's snow squalls which added moisture to the  air.

 This lacy ice is on my south bedroom window. The sun has not yet risen and gives the sky a salmon glow in the background. Between half an inch and an inch of snow fell last evening, completing the winter scene.

 Is it any wonder that I need a space heater each morning in my second floor bathroom? Thankfully, the ice is on the outside of the window (or perhaps on the inside of the storm window) but it gives me chills just looking at it as I brush my teeth and then step into the shower.

 The east window at the top of our steps has found the ice leaning south, betraying a north wind overnight. The eastern horizon glows brightly but the sun has not risen yet. It is well before 8 am.
 Tomorrow more snow? The winter seemed slow in starting but it is certainly upon us now.

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