Friday, August 2, 2013

Dinner Out

 Every so often, Bob calls and asks whether I'd like to meet him and Sam Owens for dinner. I'd say we manage this several times each year. I usually go. We've kind of gotten ourselves into a pattern: it's always El Rancho Grande.

 This location is in West Carrollton, Ohio. We have one closer to me (Germantown, Ohio) but both Bob, coming home from work in Dayton, and Sam (retired), who lives in Miamisburg, find West Carrollton more convenient. The food's great there so it's a win:win choice.

 We met at 5 pm yesterday (August 1) and were seated and looking at menus within minutes. Sam Owens (l) and Bob (r) have been friends since elementary school. They were both born in 1956 and have been fast-friends, it seems, since they day they met. Sam, Bob and I have traveled together to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Bear Lake, Michigan.

Sam Owens

Bob Schmidt

Bill Schmidt

 Waiting for our order isn't a problem at El Rancho Grande because they bring an endless basket of nacho chips and hot sauce to the table right away. We munch and talk while we wait ... but the wait is never long.

 Bob and Sam love lime margarita's and they always order a full pitcher. The first time they did that I had a small taste. I've since graduated to a full glass (but never more). I love the taste and the salt-rimmed glass and slice of lime make it a perfect drink.

 Here's the "Vegetarian #5": a bean burrito, veggies, some refried beans and rice. If I had a choice, I'd prefer a little less salt but that's never slowed me down. I scarf this down embarrassingly fast.

 This artwork was on the wall behind Sam and Bob. I looked carefully; It appears to be hand-drawn.
 We had a nice visit, watched the sun set before the restaurant and were on our way home by 6:30 pm. Good food ... good times.

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