Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pot Patrol?

 Every year about this time, I'll be outside working in the garden and I'll notice an airplane making regular passes over the area. Sometimes it's a fixed wing plane; sometimes it's a helicopter.

 The timing, and then subsequent news reports of a pot bust, seem to indicate that what I'm seeing is law enforcement searching for small-scale growers of marijuana.

 Yesterday I was out watering my grass seed and garden when a helicopter began making regular passes. It wasn't circling me so much as another local farm, buzzing low, circling back, having another close look. I would suppose marijuana has a distinctive color. At the least, a patch of cultivated pot would certainly show up tucked inside a corn field.

 The more I watered, the more the pilot seemed to take an interest in me. When I stopped, laid down the hose and went inside for my camera, he seemed to double his interest. This is the second time this week I've noticed the plane.

 For myself, I'd certainly be in favor of legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana. The day will come, shortly I suppose. I have about as much fear of pot as I do alcohol. Taken in moderation, both serve as mere mood enhancers. Reefer madness, indeed!

 I would suppose there's plenty of tasks that the law enforcement should spend their money on. Flying an expensive helicopter in circles for half an hour in farm country should not be a prime mission.
 On the other hand, if they're checking crops or power lines, more power to them.

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