Friday, December 20, 2013

Pinehaven Pomace Fruitcake

 The apricot wine has been racked off, carefully placed in a large bottle where any sediment will settle to the bottom and the resultant clear wine bottled for later use. But what to do with the leftover fruit ... apricots, lemons, oranges and raisins?

That's called "pomace" in case you didn't know. It's slightly alcoholic since it's been submerged in wine-in-progress. It tastes fine to place a bit on breakfast cereal. But we have more than a bit. So, like two years ago [click here], we turned the pomace into fruitcake.

It's certainly non-traditional but it's also quite good. To add color to the batter, I bought a very small container of colored (red and green) pineapple slices. Citron, which would have been perfect, was only available in one pound packages. And I wasn't short of fruit.

 Here's how the batter looked before baking. We lined a metal loaf pan with parchment paper to prevent sticking and we baked the fruitcake for about two hours.

 I then turned on the oven broiler (high) for a few minutes to give the top of the fruitcake some color. It certainly took on a nice golden tan.
 For a darker fruitcake, dark Karo syrup could be used instead of the light (clear) we used.
 This is not so dense as some fruitcakes. Don't call this one a brick! Instead, call it delicious.

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  1. I can almost smell it from here! Looks good! Love the colors in the photo - hope you enjoyed it!