Sunday, December 29, 2013

Speaking of locks ...

 My favorite lock - including those on Pinehaven's doors - is not one of that group at all. Rather it's an old padlock I have displayed in my bedroom, hanging on my closet door.

It's a lock made by the U.S. Lock Company in the 1860-1880 time frame. It was from my Aunt Belle's estate (d. 1962). More than likely it belonged to my Uncle George.

 I've read little about these locks other than they were named after the planets. This is the "Mars" model.

 It opens with a simple skeleton key and could not have offered much security. It's probably very easily picked. I suppose it did little more than keep honest people out.
 The lock mechanism, considering that it may be nearly 150 years old, works smoothly.

 Here's a reverse view of the lock with the company name.

 Did the locks graduate in size based on the relative size of the planets. Was there a "Jupiter" model and was it the largest?
 The lock shown is 1.5" wide (the key is exactly the same length). The lock is 0.5" thick.

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  1. Something nearly lost in life.
    Attention to detail.
    A lock being all about function - yet, they took the time to actually engineer a design - down to the pebbled metal surfacing and the diagonal MARS logo. Even the twisted key was had a specially prepared keyhole.
    Something has gone missing over the years - we have forgotten to make even the mundane in life, just a little more interesting...?!