Friday, January 17, 2014

Mary's Quilt

 One of my favorite quilts was made by Mary Phillips of Monterey, Tennessee, quite a famous quilt-maker in those parts. Besides quilt-making, Phillips wrote a weekly column for the Monterey Press.

 Mary Ann Phillips, born June 9, 1904, died August 26, 2009 in Monterey, Tennessee at age 105. Her husband, Miller, preceded her in death.

Mary Ann Phillips at 102 holding "my" quilt on her lap

 The year after Phillips died, for the 2010 federal census, Monterey numbered just 2850 residents. Located in rural Putnam County, Monterey is 93 miles east of Nashville.

In January 2006, my brother, Bob, and his wife, Nancy, bought one of Phillip's quilts while visiting a friend (Jay). Nancy owns several of Phillip's quilts. This quilt was given to me and I've always counted it as a special possession.

 While Jay lives north of Monterey, Phillips, Bob remembered, lived in the town itself, in a small cottage-sized house. They visited a number of times to buy quilts from her. While Bob didn't think it was an actual business, more of a hobby or pastime, Phillips was an avid quilt-maker.

 I've always enjoyed the colors chosen for this quilt ... mostly a deep bold brown with sandy tan and aqua.

 Here's a close-up of some of the piecework. The quilt has had some use through the years and is no longer in perfect condition. But of what point is a museum piece when it might instead warm your bed?

 Here's a macro view of some of the tiny stitching.

Mary Ann Phillips

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