Monday, September 22, 2014

Dusmesh Indian Restuarant

 Tom and I ate Indian yesterday. I can't say I've had this type of food more than once before - and that in Columbus - but it's a spicy change of pace from my traditional fare.

 The Dusmesh Indian Restaurant is not far from Tom's apartment, in Northside (a Cincinnati suburb). Check out the resturant by clicking here. They specialize in dishes from the north of India.

 Paintings on the wall (this one behind Tom) are of the "Elvis style", paint on velour.

 My first trip through the buffet line netted this plate of food. I'm pretty much in the dark as to what all of this is, other than for Tom helping me choose vegetarian dishes. Hopefully I also chose those that were more mildly spiced. The rice is obvious. The dish on the top left is predominantly spinach and that at the lower right seemed mostly egg-based.

 Tom's plate looked a bit different from mine. Your guess is as good as mine as to what it all is!

 Tom said he goes to the Dusmesh "five or six times a year".

 I ended up with a salad plate (talk about backwards) ... shredded lettuce, sliced cucumbers and carrots. The yellow dish is a sweet, dessert-like concoction of mangoes. I don't know what the bread item is, either, but it reminded me of a pita, without the pocket.

 We traveled there in Tom's just-purchased  2009 Toyota Prius. It looks - and rides - like it's brand new. When I have to replace my 2006 Impala, this is my top choice.
 We had a great day yesterday. The weather was perfect ... clear blue sky, temperatures near 70°. A good day to enjoy each other's company and good food, too.


  1. The bread is called Nan, the spinach was fried and creamed with mushrooms depending on which part of the dish we are looking at. The appetizers are called samporas, The large potion on my plate was chicken tikkla. I should have started you out with sag paneer, my favorite dish at any Indian restaurant, never had a bad one yet.

  2. Enjoyed hearing about your outing for Indian food! While I have never found it appetizing - I love the colors and spices! Thanks, anonymous for the additional details! Never matters about the food - when you enjoy the meal with good company! :)