Monday, September 29, 2014

Germantown Pretzel Festival - 2014

 The annual Germantown Pretzel Festival is a "don't miss" in our family. Unfortunately this is the first year Mom (89 in less than a month) didn't feel like she could attend. We often have to park some distance away and Mom can't walk very far any longer. On the bright side, Tom attended with me.

 It's a two-day event - Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28 - but I went on Saturday only long enough to take a few pictures and buy a couple of loaves of bread ($4) from those wonderful Methodist ladies.

This year's festival had perfect weather. Both days began in the lower 50's and the afternoons were partly sunny. In fact, Sunday climbed into the mid-80's ... a little too hot! The website for the festival is here.

 The Valley View Marching Band practices on N. Walnut Street, adjacent to Veteran Memorial Park where the Germantown Pretzel Festival is held. The band was set to compete in the OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) contest in Cincinnati that very evening, making for a very long day.

 Mistress of Ceremonies this year was WDTN (TV2) meteorologist Tara Hastings. She took over a few years ago from Dayton Daily News columnist Dale Huffman who was a veritable fixture for the event's kick off each fall. He was Master of Ceremonies for many years. This was the 35th year for the event.

 The Valley View Marching Band performs at the opening ceremony.

 The flags present a colorful start to the event.

At this point, I bought two loaves of bread (one white, one sourdough) and headed for home. I came back on Sunday with Tom Buhler.

 Tom and I first headed for the "food court" at the rear of the event. Neither of us had had lunch and I, for one, was starving. Other people had the same idea. Lines were long and slow. This shot looks south into the hot sun.

 While I waited in line for a paper container of potato wedges ($5), I took this shot back to the north. It was standing room only.

 Here's my order of potato wedges ... hot and greasy but unsalted. Does that make them healthy? In any case, they were delicious and plentiful.

 Tom ordered deep fried green beans (absolutely exceptional ... a small container of a sauce was included). Crunchy and also unsalted (or perhaps only lightly).

 Tom's sweet potato fries were sprinkled with brown sugar. This was also a nice treat.

 Mad River Railroad, a bluegrass band, kicked off the day's entertainment at 2 pm. Read more about the Dayton-based band on their Facebook page or their website.

 Mad River Railroad performs

Mad River Railroad played "Dueling Banjos", certainly a test for any bluegrass band. They handled the 1955 song in expert fashion. This 40 second clip will give you some idea of their talent.

 Tom and I sat in the grandstand while Mad River Railroad performed. We found a somewhat shady spot and shared our potatoes, green beans and sweet potatoes while we enjoyed the music. [Note: I'm serving as a walking billboard for Judge Dennis Adkins. He's up for election in November and my brother, Bob, is his bailiff.]

 You can't beat these two people: Jack and Ann Warner. They own Germantown's Schenck Furniture on Route 4. Jack and I worked together at JCPenney for many years and I can tell you, without reservation, he is the world's best salesman. He'll do anything for a customer. Check out Schenck's by clicking here. If you need furniture or appliances, you can't go wrong.

 Likewise, when we're looking for baked goods, It's Miss Molly's Baker and Cafe in Farmersville for us. I always look up their booth at the Pretzel Festval and they've always got goodies galore. Here's Helen (l) and Raye are manning the booth on Sunday afternoon. Check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

 This is Joy Unspeakable - the Living Statue. Everyone seems to stop and stare. It's quite an unusual sight, especially when "the statue" makes a slight movement. Check out the website by clicking here.

 I had hoped to stay for The Greasers final performance but we got too tired of walking and left about 3 pm. I don't remember the festival ever being more busy or the weather more beautiful.

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  1. Germantown at its best! Your photos captured the wonderment of hometown fun! I recall that festival and the wonderful time spent there! Looks better than remembered! The food is always a treat - I wanted your potatoes - but, with a dowsing of vinegar! Five bucks seemed a bit steep for an Ohio town - but, I suppose it is 'festival' pricing, right? Sorry Mom could not attend - but, sounds like you had a blast! :)