Sunday, October 12, 2014

Star Wars & Skateboards

 Star Wars and skateboards: what do the two have to do with one another? Very little except to Zac who is an avid collector of both. [Note: Zac's last name and location withheld to protect his privacy - Bill]

 Zac's collection of colorful skateboards is impressive. He's devoted part of his basement to their display, both on the wall and lined up on the floor.

 Zac (l) and Tom

 Tom donated three skateboards to the collection on Saturday. Two were modern Star Wars skateboards. The one Zac is holding is Tom's childhood skateboard. Constructed of wood, it's split a bit on the leading edge. Tom's mother used a marker to identify it on the bottom ("Tommy Joe" - which Tom wasn't too pleased about). Later he added "Thomas Joseph" just below his mother's hand.

Tom's skateboard - circa 1964

 Tom remembers getting the skateboard when he was just eight year old. Yep, half a century ago. It's now a part of Zac's cherished collection.
 Perhaps even more important, Zac is a Star Wars collector. He's also a member of The Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club.
Click here to link to the OSWCC website

 Zac has bookcases full of Star Wars collectibles. He'd make a retail store proud.

The club is in their 17th year.
Tom stayed for a meeting of the club as I headed back to Dayton.

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