Thursday, October 30, 2014

Peanut Butter Cookies

 Last evening I was scrounging around for something sweet. Nope, the oatmeal cookies I bought were gone. The ginger snaps I bought were also gone. What to do?

 I decided what I needed most was a batch of peanut butter cookies. So this afternoon I made some. I used the same recipe as our Pinehaven Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies but I substituted plain peanut butter. Sometimes less frill is just what's needed.

 The recipe is here.

 Much of the appeal of peanut butter cookies is the delicious scent when they're baking.

 Here's the unbaked dough, crisscrossed with a fork and ready to put in the oven. I made just half a recipe. I managed to get 34 cookies this time.

 So, this evening I'm all set. A cup of black coffee and a plateful of cookies and I'll be able to get my bedtime sweet fix.

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