Monday, January 5, 2015

Cincinnati Art Museum

 Tom and I spent much of yesterday afternoon at the Cincinnati Art Museum. It's one of those places where you could spend as much time as you have and still not see everything they have to offer. Who's to say how many minutes must be spent in front of some painting before something unexpected clicks, a whole new dimension shows itself, and your life is forever changed?

 Located at Eden Park, one of the nicest perks the museum has to offer is free admission. Parking is $4 per vehicle, however. The setting is stately and perfect for a museum.

 A twelve foot high bronze "Piccochio (emotional)" by Jim Dine greets visitors.

 Tom's on the steps and we're ready to start our self-guided tour.

 Just inside the front door, hanging from the high ceiling, is a Chihuly glass sculpture. I've always been enthused about Chihuly's work after watching a PBS special (Tom not so much). I wondered about the weight, hanging above the receptionist's head! To me, it's a striking welcome to the museum.

 Just a note: The photos you'll see below are representative of the items I found most interesting. Others, I'd add to this list, were tagged that they were not to be photographed.

 First area after the reception room is this Greek statue (54-68 AD) of a "God or hero". Imagine, sculpted nearly two millennia ago.

 And a rear view of the same statue.

Undergrowth with Two Figures
Van Gogh - 1890

 Are their any paintings I want to see more than those of Van Gogh? Not a single one. When Van Gogh made this painting, he had only a month to live.

 Most of the entrance ways to different areas of the museum have a similar "look" to this shot. It's quite an artistic building, in addition to the contents.

Calder (above) 

 This wall mural was once displayed at the Plaza Terra Hotel in Cincinnati. Hanging from the ceiling is an Alexander Calder mobile.

 Tree of Life

Fountain of the Water Nymph
Rookwood 1913

 From an earlier blog you know that I am a lover of Rookwood Pottery, another Cincinnati institution. This "fountain" - it is displayed dry - shows the intricate detail of early Rookwood pieces.

Easel  c 1890-1910
Emma Bepler 

 Bepler was a Cincinnati artist and this easel is made of mahogany and brass. This is a close-up of one small section.

The Underground Railroad
Charles T Webber - 1893

Webber (1825-1911) was another Cincinnati artist. Tom said the woman in the center was Webber's wife.

The Chimney Corner
Henry Mosler - 1893

I love the coloration. The fire is incredible.

The Fair Exchange
Henry Mosler - 1881 

 Tom's admiring a painting. He's a good tour guide: he's been here before and he knows a good bit about many of the artists. Who needs an electronic guide with Tom along? Tom's even instantly interactive.

Temple Bell - 1988
Bukang Y. Kim

 I'm admiring this piece by Cincinnati-based artist, Kim.

Head of a Peasant Woman - 1884
Van Gogh

  Study for "The Potato Eaters", I'd say. Very dark and somber.

Mother and Child - 1889
Mary Cassatt

David with the Head of Goliath - after 1872
Antonin Mercie 

Don Quixote - 1868

The Red Rooster - 1940
Marc Chagall

Tom says this is his favorite piece in the museum.

Daughters of the American Revolution - 1932
Grant Wood

Our "founding fathers" as cross-dressers? Woods only satire, he said. But read this and this.

 Here's a close-up of my favorite "lady" in the painting.

 One of the Cincinnati Art Museum's well-lit galleries. This is the Crosley Gallery, a well-known Cincinnati broadcasting name.

 In the folk art section is this piece of a fence post found in Ellerton, Ohio.

 A view down from the second floor of the museum.

 The museum has an Egyptian mummy of an adult male (about 35).

 This limestone is from Egypt (Thebes) and dates to 1470 - 1460 BC.

 Here's a final view of the reception area from above. The Chihuly glass sculpture is center.

 Passing a wall mirror on the way out, I called Tom back and we stood before it as I took this picture.
 For those wanting to go to the museum, the early winter hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11 am - 5 pm. A link to the museum website appears near the beginning of this blog.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos from the museum! What great works of art! Have not been there for YEARS! Would love to go back! I, too, am a Chihuly fan! Thanks for sharing your photos - neat collection! HEY! YOU got a haircut! But, it is cold now! Maybe time to 'adjust' your schedule??? lol