Monday, January 19, 2015

Pomodori's Tratorria

 Fresh from the movie theater (we watched Foxcatcher) and hungry, Tom and I checked a few places out before settling on pizza. Tom suggested Pomodori's, a wood-fired pizza that he thought I'd like.

 The pizzas are made behind this Plexiglas shield. I should have stood up and watched.

 Tom's waiting patiently. Considering he had buttered popcorn (a "medium" which amounted to about half a bushel in a paper bag) and a soda at the theater, I don't even know why he was hungry. But I was. It's was nearly 2 pm and I hadn't had anything since breakfast at 6:30 a.m.

 Do I look hungry? Do I look a little weak?

 Here comes the salad, one called "Baby Greens". Tom ordered it with a honey mustard dressing. He ate about half - maybe less - and I wolfed the rest down. To be fair, I paid for my half, too.

 This is Pomodori's Bianco [White] Pizza: "sauteed artichoke hearts, red onions and fresh mushrooms on a garlic and olive oil crust". We both thought it was delicious though Tom said he missed the traditional tomato sauce. For me, the artichokes made the pizza.

 We decided to split the bill so the waitress wrote two figures at the bottom.

 What about Foxcatcher? It's a dark movie but Steve Carell, who played John Du Pont, in particular, made the movie special. I didn't know it was him during the movie, he was so well made up with a larger-than-life nose. Channing Tatum, too, played the part of a wrestler to perfection. Mark Ruffalo, as his brother, was perfect. Highly recommended by Buhler & Schmidt.

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