Monday, October 5, 2015

Barn Roof Sealing

 It's been a long while since we had the roof sealed on the barn. Ten years? On September 22 I was out mowing when a truck pulled into our driveway. "Do you remember me?" the man asked. It was Pat Sherlock who sealed our barn roof all those years ago.

 "Looks like it could use another coat of paint," he said.

 I told him that I'd want roofing cement (tar) but if he could do that, I'd be happy to consider a written estimate. He walked around the barn, made some notes, made an offer and I told him to go ahead and schedule the work.

 It's been more than "the next few days" but the weather hasn't cooperated. It's been cold and misty and Sherlock said he'd been waiting for good weather when we called me last evening. So the work was scheduled for today.

 His worker, Robert, drove his own truck. He's the one who's been here all day. Sherlock has been out and about getting supplies, checking for other work in the area.

 One small mishap: tar ran through a gap in the first roller he used and dripped onto the white aluminum fascia just below the roof-line. Robert wiped that off with gasoline on rags (mostly anyway) and said he'll give the board two coats of white paint to complete the clean-up.
 The tar-stained fascia can be seen at the left edge of this picture.

 Tar is in five gallons buckets. Sherlock originally estimated that the job would take two. But it's required four. "That roof is really soaking it up," he said.

 Robert's working on the west end (north side) of the barn at the moment. He "trims" around the skylights first then edges the area before rolling the rest. The trick is, I suppose, not to paint yourself into a corner.

 This shot was taken at about 2:30 pm. The two men arrived about 10:30 am so there's four hours passed already. The work is perhaps half-way done. The section of the barn where we keep the mowers (east end) hasn't been started.

 The weather looks great throughout the week. Hopefully this will fully dry before it rains again.

 Here's shots of the completed project (about 5:30 pm):

 Contact Pat Sherlock at 859-661-5963.

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