Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cincinnati USA Book Festival - 2015

 Still called Books by the Banks, this years re-named Cincinnati USA Book Festival seemed a little less busy to Tom and I. But maybe we're just getting used to the crowds. It was certainly well-attended by any measure.

 Here's the main room where authors manned small booths and had a chance to greet their readers. And to sell their books.

 Tom's sole purchase was a copy of Tom Sawyer. Sure, the classic was written by Mark Twain but illustrator CF Payne has re-imagined the scenes and characters. That's him selling a copy to Tom. Read about Payne's bringing a "new look" to the classic by clicking here.

 The event is held each year at the Cincinnati Convention Center, a venue that has some interesting architecture.

 Children are kept busy with face painting at this booth ...

... and these guys who quickly twist balloons into the shapes of various animals and more.

 We were there just an hour or so and the attendance seemed steady, if not overly-crowded.

 Purchasing a book required getting into a l-o-n-g line where finally you were met with a row of cashiers. I'll have to say, the line moved rapidly and the wait wasn't longer than ten minutes.

 Beautiful weather (sunny, low 50's) for this years festival.

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  1. A book lover's dream come true! Fun!