Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dayton Art Institute - Part 1

 Tom and I enjoyed Saturday (11/07) afternoon at the Dayton Art Institute. I haven't been there since I was a kid - and only once then - so a return trip was in order. And, being an adult, I was able to enjoy the day much more than before.

 I plan on posting those pictures that most interested me, along with a caption based on labeling provided at the DAI. Nothing compares to seeing art in person, though. Take the time; make the trip.

Exploding Galaxy - 1981
John Francis Torreano

 The Back of the Storm - 1985
April Gornick

 Russell Means from the American Indian Series - 1976
Andy Warhol

Louise Nevelson - 2001
Alison Van Pelt

Note: Lights are reflections on the canvas.

Untitled - 1985
Louise Nevelson

 Tom's enjoying the view onto an interior courtyard, complete with a lawn, fountain, statuary and two trees - a decorative maple, in its autumn fiery attire, and a dogwood, already asleep for winter.

Homage to Painting - 1983
Roy Lichtenstein

Untitled - 1977
Willem de Kooning

 The interior of the museum is beyond beautiful ... wooden floors, skylights, antique windows with a breathtaking view of downtown Dayton, iron grating, marble (?) trim on doors ...

... continued with Dayton Art Institute - Part 2

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