Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving - 2015

 Like last year, the whole family (minus Michael) gathered at Rob's Restaurant in Brookville for our Thanksgiving dinner. Mom's to the point - and she's been there for some years - of not wanting to cook for a large group. I agree completely. And neither of us are much enamored by doing the dishes, either.

 So about three weeks ago I called for reservations. It turns out that they only had one opening at 10:30 am for a group of five. That's a bit early to eat but I took the slot.

 Tom arrived at Pinehaven at about 9 am. Bob and Nancy decided to just meet us at Rob's. Mom, Tom and I left here about 9:50 am for Brookville. When we got there, the doors were still locked and a large group of people had massed outside the door. But when we got in, things went quickly. We were eating by our assigned time.

Mom's already  eaten a large plateful
Here she's eating a couple of stuffed mushrooms 

Tom heaped it on and he's happily shoveling 

I've already had a large plateful and am munching on a second dinner roll
Waiting for a second wind so I can go and get dessert

Nancy and Bob come up for air 

Bob took this shot - didn't realize it
I'm messing with my smartphone (of course); Tom's digesting

This is how the reservations are handled
We had 1.5 hours to eat ... ample time

 Then, home for a game of cards ... Michigan Rummy.

If Bob looks a little shifty-eyed ... it's because he is 

Nancy and Bob shared the leading positions for the entire game 

While Tom held the bottom ... firmly

Mom just holds in there 

Another shot taken by Bob
(probably trying to divert our attention so he can cheat)

And a shot of me courtesy of Tom

A great time for all. After Bob and Nancy left, Tom and I played three more games of Michigan Rummy. Should I admit he won all three? I imagine Bob gave him some pointers before he left.

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