Thursday, February 11, 2016

Butterfinger Baking Bits Cookies

 At Christmas, Tom picked up a bag of Nestle Butterfinger Baking Bits (10 ounces) and I've been waiting to make a batch of cookies with them. Though there's a great recipe on the bag, I won't repeat it here because it's almost certainly copyrighted. I checked the Nestle website for the recipe and was surprised it wasn't there.

 Here, though, is something close.

 I like using the bits more than breaking up the Butterfinger Bites. Could it be that the bits aren't available year-round but the candy is?

 I used a portion scoop (#24) and placed the dough on a Silverstone cookie sheet.

 This size portion (just about a tablespoon) actual does make four dozen cookies.

 The dough is quite dry and therefore easy to work with. Not at all sticky.

 Another batch coming out of the oven ...

 As I neared the end of the dough, I began making the cookies a little larger. What's wrong with that?

 This is really a delicious cookie ... butter-scotchy, peanut-buttery. Now, time to make some coffee and have another.

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