Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lunch at Hunan House

 Tom and I both love Oriental food and yesterday, when we were discussing where to have lunch, I suggested Chinese. We had a choice of locations in Germantown or Miamisburg but we opted to make the longer trip to the 'Burg because I also wanted to visit Big Lots, too.

 We stopped at the Hunan House for lunch. Though they appear to currently not have a web site, they're reviewed on plenty of other sites. Click here to read the one on Yelp.

 The Hunan House is described as offering Chinese and Japanese cuisine. It's tucked into the Miamisburg Plaza Shopping Center with a nondescript, almost hidden facade. I don't remember eating there before - but Mom said we have, both alone and with Mae and Charlie. It seemed wholly new to me.

 The restaurant is bright and clean, most notable before you even take a seat. Because Tom and I both opted for the buffet ($6.75) we were able to eat immediately.

 The buffet counters offer a wide selection of oriental dishes, really too many to even contemplate. Tom and I both made two trips.

... and just as wide a selection of desserts. One layered cake had the distinctive - though subtle - flavor of coffee ... absolutely delicious! This is one to return for.

 My first trip to the buffet lines netted this plate: a vegetable (I hope) "dough ball" (start at left and then clockwise), a spicy rice dish, an Oriental vegetable combo and fried potatoes.

 Tom piled it on a bit deeper but then he didn't have to avoid the meat offerings. I hoped that the egg rolls were vegetable but the waitress said they contained pork. Most prominent in the foreground is a shrimp dish. I didn't find that they offer plain white rice, too, almost hidden at the back of the restaurant in an electric warming pot. Next time!

Tom's right hand is a blur because he's shoveling 

 This little dessert is a good example of the Hunan House's many sweets. Tom said it was cheesecake. It appeared wrapped in a delicate, crisp rice paper ... all edible. Beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. They even offer ice cream.

 That's certainly a good deal for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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