Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Return to Hauck

 Last year Tom and visited the Hauck Botanic Gardens in Cincinnati on April 13. There's no doubt that things are running early this year - over two weeks, for sure. This year we made our annual pilgrimage on March 26.

 To see last year's post, click here. The Hauck material is at the end of that post.

Magnolias in full bloom 

Looking up at the sky through a magnolia 

A variety of daffodils bloom at the Hauck 

More daffodils ... 

And spring beauties, too ... in shades of white and blue

Vernon Manor Hotel

  The Hauck Botanic Gardens are at the intersection of Reading Road and Oak Street. Visible from the Hauck, and on Oak Street, is the building that was once the Vernon Manor Hotel, Though the hotel was permanently closed, it was converted to office space for Children's Hospital.

 Why would I even mention it? Because in August 1966 when I attended a Beatles concert at Crosley Field, this is where the Beatles spent part of the night prior to the concert. Their limousine was parked "behind the Vernon Manor at 3:30 a.m." according to The Beatles Invade Cincinnati: 1964 & 1966.

The Beatles stayed in Suite 624. That'll be 50 years ago in just five months.

 In general, the Hauck seemed less well cared for than we found it last year. There were lots of weeds and untended areas. I suppose that contributes to the natural look but it was a bit unkempt in many places.

 Even Northside, where Tom's apartment is located, is showing a flashy display of spring. At Hoffner Park, just a block away from Tom's residence, hyacinths bloom beside Hamilton Avenue. It's not only a gorgeous sight but an intoxicating scent.

 A great Saturday ... sunny, calm and in the 60's. All in all, this was the winter that wasn't.

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