Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Daffodils in Bloom

 Every year I watch for our meadow to show flashes of yellow, the time when our daffodils bloom. Yesterday, as Mom and I left to drive north to the library in New Lebanon, I was pleasantly surprised to see this ...

 ... clumps of yellow scattered among the dry grass.
 I saw that they had sprouted already in February but then cold weather moved back in and I forgot about them. March has been quite warm and the plants have quickly developed and sent out their blooms.

 Yesterday (03/14/16) was rainy and windy - even stormy during the afternoon - but the plants seemed to enjoy the weather and became top-heavy with blooms.

 Today (03/15/16) the clumps have progressed even further. In addition, it's a calm, sunny day. It was 66° at 2:30 pm as I took these shots. I have been working in the meadow, cutting sapling trees that have sprouted last summer. All the while I worked, I kept glancing at these spectacular flowers. What better accompaniment could I ask for?

 I will never cease to be amazed at how these flowers can come up year after year with no care. They are watered only when it rains. They are strangled by high weeds and grass during the summer months. They are never fertilized but for leaf mold that nature applies freely. And they are never dug to have their bulbs thinned and spread out. They are doing that themselves.

 I believe I transplanted these from our front flower bed many years ago. It was after they had bloomed that year. I wasn't careful about transplanting them, just dug the bulbs up and dropped them into new holes. Each clump has expanded quite a lot in that time.
 Luckily the squirrels do not like them and leave them alone.
 Who, someday, will enjoy these and wonder where they came from?

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