Friday, May 6, 2016

Carol's Back

 Every spring we have a Carolina Wren return to our back porch. Two years ago she raised a brood of young in a birdhouse gourd we had hung against the wall of the garage. Read about that here.

 But then, as the season came to a close, the gourd fell apart. I did not replace it last year.

 And yet still she returned this year.

 Two days ago (05/04/16) I took this picture. I had ventured into the kitchen late in the day and I heard the unmistakable call of a Carolina Wren. I walked to the door and saw that it was Carol returned. How can I be sure it's the same bird? I can't, of course, but why else would a Carolina Wren seem unafraid of me and return within feet of where her nest was in 2014? It was as though she was looking for the gourd.

 Today I located the birdhouse gourds we had in storage (Mom knew where they were; I had only a vague idea) and I drilled the proper holes. I've hung it at the same spot as before and in a similar manner.
 I doubt that the gourd is used this year - the gourd is "new" and the season is late. But Carol's had two broods in one season so maybe she'll move back home if she follows up with another batch this year.
 Or, the bird above may be "Carl". Maybe he was just enjoying a late evening song?

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