Sunday, May 22, 2016

Renovation of Tom's Former Home Almost Complete

 Up until about two years ago, Tom owned this Victorian home in Northside. Laurie is the new buyer and besides herself and a crew of contractors, the place is undergoing a remarkable transformation. It's really more than a renovation. The house was fully gutted to the point where it's hard to imagine it's the same place.
 Yesterday Laurie gave us a grand tour. Though there's still plenty to do, it was quite an eye-opener.

 The house is located at 4267 Chambers Street, Cincinnati 45223.

 The outside of the house is buttressed with a number of ladders. There's no doubt, even from the outside, that something is going on here. What a lucky neighborhood to have people like Laurie take an old house and convert it to something modern and new, and yet keeping all the charm of its age.

 The new windows are very impressive, both for their curb appeal and insulating value. Nothing is more important to an energy-efficient home than good windows.

 This small porch (above a larger one below) will be a nice place to enjoy a summer evening and watch the traffic on the street below.

 When the house is listed for sale, Fletcher Realty will be the place to check. Here's a link to their website.

 And here are a host of pictures of the interior work underway ...

 A brand new kitchen is nearing completion. The new counter-tops are safely hidden beneath kraft paper.

 Lighting will be ample in this kitchen ... but recessed and out of the way.

 The old carpeting that was on these steps is long gone. Everything is newly painted. And the white paint that was on the newel post has been carefully stripped away and the beautiful wood again visible.

 There are a number of the original stained glass windows still in the house.

 This stacked washer/dryer combo takes little room and a perfect space was made for it. The dryer, Laurie said, is ventless.

 A new closet area with French doors ...

 This is one of two Victorian-era fireplaces. Both will be decorative.

 On the small porch above Pullan Avenue, Laurie talks with Tom, the former owner of the house.

 This new shower is impressive, with a built-in seat.

 There's a large room on the top floor that used to serve as Tom's bedroom and computer area.

 The smaller room at the opposite end of the third floor. would make a perfect bedroom for a teenager.

 During a recent heavy rain, Laurie checked the skylight to make sure it didn't leak. "Not a drop," she said. Tom used to have his bed beneath this opening.

 When I looked out this window ...

... this blue jay was looking back in at me.

 This place certainly represents a lot of time and money getting it into the condition it is now. I'm always impressed when someone tackles a project of this size and succeeds. It's slowly turning into a show place.

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