Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mini-Reunion at Captain 9's

 Yesterday (09/17) we held a mini-reunion of sorts for Mom's side of the family. As you know, Dad's side of the family gets together twice a year at Rob's Restaurant in Brookville in January and July. But Mom's group hasn't been together in many years - perhaps never with this same group of people. So the time had come, Mom suggested a time and place and we all gathered at Captain 9's in Germantown yesterday at noon.

 And here we are ...


Gary and Sue

Mom and Gary


Bentley and Jason

Emily, Hadley, Mel, Doug and Bob

Emily, Hadley and Mel

Jason, Annette and Charlie Mae


 We spent about an hour and a half eating and talking and left stuffed. Great food. Great times. Great people.

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