Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Beatles Documentary

 Some months ago I heard that director Ron Howard was working on a Beatles documentary. Tom and I mentally added it to our fall "to do" list. Last Friday (09/16) the Esquire Theater on Ludlow Street in Cincinnati offered a first-run matinee at 2 pm. I drove to Cincinnati especially for the showing.

 While Tom bought tickets I stood in front of an advertisement for the show.

 Tom ordered a large tub of buttered popcorn (real butter, not the synthetic stuff) and two very large Cokes. That was enough that both of us needed to find the restroom before the show had ended.

 Tom's always on the lookout for a bargain and he had a coupon for a free ticket. They would have been $6.50 each. The food, though, brought the total to $18 so I don't think the Esquire lost too much money in the deal.

 The lights dim and the show begins and Tom's bathed in a low-level glow.

 I took one picture during the show. This is Paul during a concert in the early days of their career.

 Yesterday when Tom came here he brought me the companion CD for the movie. It's the Beatles Hollywood Bowl concert. After the movie, by the way, the complete Shea Stadium concert was shown ... digitally remastered and so clear we could have been there.

 I'll take the CD out of the plastic wrap and listen to it ... today.

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