Tuesday, April 4, 2017


 My first memory of Snickerdoodles was at my grandmother's house when I was a little boy. The recipe must have been new at that time and she was proud of how they turned out. Bob and I loved them. So when we ran out of cookies, I decided to try a batch.

 I remember watching Martha Stewart make them on her PBS program so I searched for that recipe. You can find it here.

 I almost always "speed up" recipes and this one is no exception. I melted a stick of butter in the microwave, then added the sugar and eggs. Once that was well mixed, I added every other ingredient except for the flour. That always comes last ... only after the liquid is thoroughly mixed.

 I dropped ice cream scoopfuls of batter into the mixture of sugar and cinnamon which I had placed in a small plastic container (bottom left). I just shook it around until the ball of dough was coated and then lifted them out with a teaspoon and placed them on the baking sheet.

 I baked nine at a time since they spread a bit and I didn't want them sticking together..

 I made much larger cookies than Martha's recipe calls for. She expected four dozen; I got just 25. I added a minute to the bake time (11 instead of 10) and found that just right.

 This is a nice, not-too-sweet cookie that brings back memories of my childhood in the 1950's.

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