Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tom the Tiller

 I've had enough back and hip problems this year that getting the garden ready for planting season produced a bit of worry for me. I've already worked about a third of the soil by hand, turning it over with a shovel and planting white onions, lettuce and radishes.

 But the large expanse left to till was a concern.

 Enter Bob who offered the use of his tiller. Enter Tom who offered to do the tilling.

 All the orange flags in the foreground indicate where I've already planted. Most of the garden has been untouched but for manure which Jarred applied early in the spring. The clods of straw had to be broken up and incorporated with the soil.

 Tom said he found the little tiller fun to use. It's a small machine, probably better suited for flower beds (as is the way Bob uses it) but Tom worked slowly and went over every inch of the garden twice, again at right angles to the first pass.

 The day was nearly perfect. We had a record high of 82°. The only problem was the wind, gusting between 25 and 32 miles per hour.

 I suppose the time needed to till the garden was well less than an hour. The soil was dry and crumbled easily. I bought six tomato stakes at Home Depot earlier in the day and I'll buy tomato plants in a couple of weeks. Mom wants a Brandywine. I want at least one Roma. Then the garden will be finished.

 Here's a close-up of Bob's tiller. It's a Craftsman 4-Cycle Mini Tiller. The thing used so little gas that I filled it from a small measuring cup.

 So the growing season begins anew at Pinehaven.

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