Sunday, May 28, 2017

Memorial Day Cookout

 It's becoming a tradition already ... a Memorial Day cookout. But we celebrate on the Saturday before because Tom always has to work the actual holiday.

 I supplied veggie burgers (Morningstar Grillers). Mom made baked beans. Tom brought corn on the cob, veggie kabobs and a whole watermelon. I also bought a coconut cream pie just in case we were still hungry for dessert ( we were).

 Like a previous year when a huge storm came up, we set the grill up just outside the barn door. We figured we could pull it back a foot or two if it rained (it sprinkled a few times but nothing more). The grill hadn't been used in a year but it fired right up. When this picture was taken I had already grilled the veggie burgers and Tom was working on the corn and kabobs.

 Our procedure was to cook an item or two and then take it inside to eat. Mom's was "starving" by noon so I knew we had to get food to her while she was still conscious.

 As in past years, Tom brought the melon, a sweet, seedless, round one from Kroger's. Tom prefers melons with seeds but I thought this one was perfect. He uses an item with stainless steel blades to cut the entire melon in one stroke. Turns out, though, that an end needs to be cut off first.

 Flattening the end (just one though the melon would have separated better if both ends had been removed) allows the tool to work smoothly. It still takes quite a bit of pressure, though.

 Tom used our concrete bench as a cutting table. This tool takes one press to divide the melon into twelve perfect slices.

 The tool also creates one center tube. Perfect!

 How does that look? Time to dig in ...

 The weather was partly to mostly cloudy this year, though warm (82°) and calm. Only a few sprinkles passed overhead while we ate.

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