Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trying Mederma

 So, does Mederma work? That was a question I've had since I first began seeing the ads. A "scar cream"? It sounded like a bit of a stretch to me. But I had no scars (that I'll tell you about ... and that one isn't new anyway).

 But come last October, I was shaving (with a safety razor) between my eyebrows and later felt as though I had abraded the skin. Innocent enough stuff. What guy doesn't get nicks, cuts and razor burns? I didn't think anything of it until it got progressively worse. Soon enough the skin was raw and oozing and my nose and eyes were swollen. Clearly this had developed into a serious infection.

October 13 (2016)

 Before you get too grossed out, that's the worst you'll see. If I could stand that hot spot on my face, you can handle a glance.

 So, to the doctor I went. The nurse practitioner prescribed an oral antibiotic but no topical cream/ I began taking it as once and soon, within a couple of days, the redness began to fade. Trouble was, the infection certainly chewed quite a pit into the skin and left a fairly deep pock mark.

 That's when I thought of Mederma. I ordered a small tube (0.70 ounces) which I figured would not be enough to go very far. But when I stopped applying it three time per day (7 am, 2 pm, 9 pm) I still had at least a third of the tube left. Of course this was a small scar.

 Thus begun a seven month experiment with the scar cream ...

November 20 

December 20 

January 20 (2017) 

February 20 

March 20 

April 20 

May 20

 OK, if you haven't been creeped out yet, here's some information that might be valuable to you if you have a scar you like to get rid of. First, I didn't find that the scar cream 100% effective in removing the scar. It's still clearly visible and I was very careful about following a strict schedule of applying it. But I have no doubt that the scar is reduced in visibility.

 Without a control, there's really no way of knowing how an untreated scar would look after seven months. Maybe the same? Had I had two scars between my eyes - one on the left, one of the right - and treated only one, this would have been a fair test.

 But I'm reasonably happy with the results, whether the credit goes mainly to my body's healing ability or to Mederma. If I remember, I'll stop back at some time in the future and let you see whether the mark continues to fade.

 And here I am, back exactly a year later ...

One Year Later - October 13, 2017

Two year's later - October 13, 2018

Three year's later - October 13, 2019

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