Friday, March 27, 2009

Meadow's A'Bloomin'

Several years ago we began planting daffodils in the meadow, envisioning spring color where there were only dead weeds and grass. And the daffodils haven't disappointed us. This first shot was taken on March 17 as an early bud thrust up from the ground.

I marked that one plant and checked back on March 20. Not a whole lot of difference but for the swelling of the flower, the thinning of its enclosure and the unmistakable yellow showing through.

Now, a week later on March 27, the flower is fully open. We've had pleasantly cool weather - even cold at night - but a few showers have brought the bulbs to life. The meadow is alive with sunshine even as it rains!

A pretty white daffodil always enchants me, too. The squirrels - of which we have plenty - do not bother these poisonous bulbs so we are able to enjoy them year after year. They've expanded in number through the years and I envision a time when the eastern side of the meadow is carpeted with these golden flowers.
Their time is short - maybe a week or two at most - but it is the shortness of the season that makes them all the more endearing. Enjoy them while you may. Soon the weeds will awaken and the green leaves of the daffodils will be hidden again until next spring.
We appreciate them as much for their brevity as their color. That which is most fleeting is most appreciated.