Monday, March 16, 2009

"Spring" Sunset & Maple Buds

Last evening (03/15) I walked to the field behind Pinehaven to shoot some sunset photos and as I walked back towards the house, I noticed how pretty the reflection of the sunset was in the garage window. So I kneeled down, making sure to keep myself out of the reflection, and took this sunset picture by facing east.

In the bottom middle window you can see through the door on the other side of the garage.
Now, have a look at the neighboring farm behind us and the fiery sky as the sun touched the western horizon. Spring is just a few days away and already the sun has moved notably north.

A look across one of the woodpile from our work in the fall was taken while the sun was a little higher. These pictures are posted here in reverse order to how they were taken.

Earlier in the afternoon we walked at the Farmersville/Jackson Twp. Joint Park and I noticed one of the maples was already budded. We managed 63 degrees yesterday afternoon though we've broken our record high in the past week and made it as high as 77. The trees are certainly responding. Another few weeks and we'll have leaves.
I think already of the morel mushrooms getting ready to pop up. That will be in the next three to four weeks. It is an exciting time, this coming alive again, and I only dread the constant mowing.