Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lincoln Bicentennial Trip - Part 1 of 10

From May 1 to May 3, a high school buddy (John Zimmerman) and myself took our "annual" trip and for a second year we traveled Lincoln's trail, this time throughout Kentucky. First stop was Farmington in Louisville, the Speed plantation. Joshua (l, above) and Abraham Lincoln became good friends. Lincoln, upon arriving in Springfield, Illinois, stayed with Speed above his general store.

The springhouse at Farmington was part of the original 550-acre plantation, originally designed to produce hemp. It was built for John Speed, Joshua's father.

A plaque memorializing the slaves kept at Farmington. Lincoln visited here in 1841 and certainly seeing slavery first-hand had a lasting impression on the future president.

The actual house is in the Jeffersonian style, complete with two octagonal rooms.

One of those was the formal dining room, renovated to period appearance. Our tour guide (Bill, shown) said that Lincoln had dinner in this room.