Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stormy Evening

"It won't rain," I assured Dad. All day he warned of storms. The National Weather Service showed no chance at all, that is, until it began raining. Dad and I even had a friendly wager - he was so sure of his predicting ability - that I am now out "several hundreds of thousands of dollars". I haven't yet been told to "pay up".

This particular cumulonimbus (above) was east of us when I took the picture after 8 p.m. I checked with WeatherBug and they showed this cell topped out at about 33,000 feet. When it passed just to our south, we had a brief shower - just 0.11" - that gave us a quick dousing but nothing of any consequence.

Another view as the storms scooted east. There were numerous watches and warnings and a couple of tornadoes were sited south of here, one by the National Weather Service staff themselves in Wilmington. Hail reports were numerous, too.

From behind the garage, I shot to the southeast (above), as the setting sun shone brightly on the towering clouds. It was dizzying, watching these giants rumble by.

And so I know less about predicting the weather than I thought I did. It's fascinating to watch but nearly impossible to forecast, even a few hours hence.