Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lincoln Bicentennial Trip - Part 5 of 10

Lincoln's birthplace was called the Sinking Spring Farm and this plaque depicts the story. The spring is just down the hill from Lincoln's cabin.

And here (below) is how Sinking Spring looks today. It's lush and green - and unfortunately closed while we were there. Again, damage done by a winter ice storm has limited access to many Kentucky sites while clean-up is underway.

A wider view of the Memorial Building with the American flag fluttering in the spring breeze. One interesting note: there are 56 steps leading to the memorial, one for each year of Lincoln's life.

This statute of Lincoln is on the town square in Hodgenville, Kentucky. I believe it was placed there about 1909, the centennial of Lincoln's birth.

And here's another statue - opposite the one above - of Lincoln as a young boy. Of all the pictures meant to portray Lincoln as a young lad, this statue does a better job. Many of the features of the adult Lincoln have somehow made their way into this representation.