Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pinehaven - A Closer Look (Part One)

Pinehaven basks in the August sun in this shot.
Yesterday I took a series of pictures to capture Pinehaven, inside and out.

This shot (all below the describing text) is the house taken from the north. The dark place on the bricks between the two first floor windows is where the fuel oil tank stood for many years. There's no way to clean the spot as it is the soil of the ages. It's built right into the brick, I suppose. I have to look at it only one way: it's a mark of living, of character.

The south side of the house shows the year-old heat pump and most notably to us who live here, the lack of a chimney for the furnace. We no longer need one and had the roof built over the opening. No more leaks! It's pleasant to lay abed and night and know the roof is solid, the attic dry as a bone!

The 2.5 car garage has been a Godsend. We can store so much there! In this shot, the slanted roof above the kitchen shows and the DirecTV satellite dish, just over a year old, points skyward.

The back patio, wet from a shower, has been the place of many a pleasant conversation. I've rocked in those chairs, recorder in hand, watching nature unfold her miracles here.

Finally, the barn. Situated at the south end of the property, we've never put it to good use. We should have rented the space for storage. Instead it holds wood scraps and cut wood for the fireplace. The barn is a great place to be when it rains. How noisy are the drops from there!

If there's a prettier piece of property in Montgomery County, I don't know of it. How pleasant have been these almost-23 years.