Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pinehaven - A Closer Look (Part Two)

Join me in the living room. The room is 25' wide, originally made by joining two rooms, probably a bedroom and a parlor. This fireplace has been one of our favorite parts of the house. The mantel is from wood taken from a barn which originally sat over on Farmersville-Germantown Pike (very near the village of Farmersville). A Buck stove insert means that it's fairly energy-efficient.

This view (below) is of the south end of the living room. My "spot" is on the left side of the couch you see. We've always admired the built-in bookcases throughout the house, particularly the one on the right side of this picture.

The north half of the living room (below) is where Dad (chair on the left) and Mom (chair on the right) have their favorite spots. Doesn't everyone? The slanted area in the middle of the picture is the underside of the steps that lead to the second floor (there's a small storage area underneath; see the small door?)

Our kitchen is also large and many a great meal has come out of there. We love the large windows that face the woods. It's a special place for watching nature.

A view of the south side of the kitchen shows the door to the bathroom which my brother and I built when we first moved here. A second floor-only bathroom would never do! Now that we're all older, it's even more convenient.
That butcher block table, now an antique (made in Michigan), has been another favorite of ours. Moving it when we had the carpet laid was a challenge. No wonder the previous owners sold it to us with the house. How could they have taken it along? It is not hollow as many are today but solid maple. I can't even imagine how much it weighs.