Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pinehaven - A Closer Look (Part Three)

Here's the first floor bathroom we built so many years ago (the spring of 1987). This was originally part of an indoor porch area. My brother scored the concrete floor and my cousin laid water and sewer pipes. I meanwhile, did the electrical work.

We paneled the entire bathroom, put down a nice wood floor. It's been a joy to have the convenience of a first floor bathroom for these many years. And we've not had so much as a single leak.
Below you can see our dining room. This was my maternal grandmother's table so Mom holds it especially dear. We bought the chairs about 1980 but always thought they were a good match. This view faces roughly northwest.

Now, looking more due south, you can see more of the dining room and the door which leads out onto the enclosed porch. If you've followed this blog, many of the pictures of flowers are of those that spend their winters there. With frost and cool temperatures already this fall, we've already brought all of our plants in.