Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fall's Final Fog?

I was out of bed at 7:30 a.m. and outside enjoying the exquisite fog not too long thereafter and I took my camera along for my morning walk. First I admired the neighboring farmer's mailbox standing at the end of his lane, rising sun as backdrop, gnarled old maple as frame.

The picture doesn't look particularly cold but I recorded a low of 30 and it hadn't risen past freezing as I shot this. About a quarter way back the lane, I turned and looked back towards S. Clayton Road and had my breath taken away by the Mockabee Farm (now owned by Coffman's) standing still in the enveloping fog. What a pretty picture the silo and barn make in their silky garb!

Nearing Sam Cornett's home, an aspen that stands by itself at the edge of a field, bare but for the fog wrapped about its branches, seemed particularly haunting in the muted light. To add another note to the scene, behind me - perhaps a quarter mile off - a lone cow was bellowing, as though the whole world had come crashing down upon its bovine shoulders. A ghost might as well have been flitting about in the mist!

Finally, as I completed my walk and again neared Pinehaven, I took a wide angle shot and then cropped the top and bottom strips from the picture, leaving only the panorama of fog-enshrouded trees. Our house - unseen - is about a quarter of the way in from the right edge.

I might have slept longer on such a misty morning - the warm electric blanket felt especially good - but I'd have missed what will surely be the fall's final fog. And that, dear reader, is not to be missed.