Friday, November 20, 2009

We Three

Every year about this time I take our annual Christmas picture. Mom includes a copy in the Christmas cards she sends to out-of-town relatives. We figure those who live close get to see us fairly often and we don't want to put them through that any more than we have to.

Myself, 60 (l), Mom, 84 (m) and Dad, 85 (r) have managed yet another year here beneath Pinehaven's wonderful (and now dry) roof. We take the picture if for no other reason than to see for ourselves the decline that another year has brought to our fragile frames.
While Mom and I have been well, it is Dad who has been having a tough time of it. In the last week he's been fighting a urinary tract infection and the burning and pain has just about driven him crazy. He told me that last night he didn't get a minute's sleep. "I just watched the clock," he said.
That said, I suppose none of us have too many years left here. We'll enjoy - to the fullest - the time that we do.